FAI has the following basic goals:
  • To donate funds to support a free clinic (Patan Memorial) that provides preventive health care to the people of Fiji.
  • Provide funding for health screening and education in schools in remote parts of Fiji.
  • Recruit medical volunteers to go to Fiji and other countries in need of medical assistance.
  • Donate medical supplies and clothing to people in need in Fiji and other countries.
  • Seek individuals, corporations and healthcare facilities to donate medical equipment and supplies for Fiji and other countries in need. These will be given to health clinics and facilities that provide free services.
  • Organize events and seek sponsors to raise funds for Fiji Aid International. All funds, after deduction of direct expense, go towards charitable purposes.
  • Donate funds to charities like the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and other charities with similar objectives in times of need.