Our Founder

Damyenti Chandra, the founder of Fiji Aid International, is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Patan. She was born in Nacovi, Nadi, where the clinic is located. She received her high school education in Fiji, Diploma in Nursing in Australia, and Degree in Health Administration in the United States.

Damyenti is a registered nurse, and has worked in the health care fields in Fiji, Australia, and the United States. The majority of her experience (22 years) is in Health Administration for Kaiser Permanente Hospitals in Sacramento. She retired from her position as the Director of Administrative Services in 2000. She is currently employed as a senior consultant with Kaiser Permanente.

Damyenti makes about two or three trips a year to Fiji to take supplies, volunteer and oversee work at the clinic and health care projects in a remote area in Ba, Fiji.

She also coordinates and volunteers with visiting volunteers, and gives workshops at local hospitals and health centers.

Damyenti makes her home in Rocklin, California.